About us

Hi, i am Eirini Liouta

event planner, wife and mom of a little girl

Ever since I was a little girl myself, I was always decorating the world around me.

I was always crazy about brides and babies and FLOWERS and gardens and PORCELAIN and all things beautiful in my eyes.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that event planning combined all the things I loved, along with sharing families’ best moments and being part of joyful moments. So Peony and Porcelain was born, in 2014.

Ever since, what has been making me the happiest, is when I am able to create what my clients have dreamt of, or when I am able to create their DREAM for them, and then make it real.

At Peony and Porcelain, we consider our clients to also be FRIENDS within a casual environment. We want to be HAPPY going to work every day and are looking to make our clients happy to be in contact with us!

I am also blessed to be surrounded by a TEAM of talented people that I cannot be thankful enough for.

I do NOT believe in luck, I believe in hard work and POSITIVITY!

I believe in making MAGIC happen!

And in making magic happen, one of the key people is....

Nantia Markou

Nadia is not only a talented event planner, but also a close friend with a vibrant personality and a huge friendly smile. 

She is creative, organized and responsible. 

We have worked together for many years and she shares the P&P mentality. 

We work on events both together as a team and separately and she is a valued piece of US, creating her own sparkle!